Lift Solutions: Wheelchair Lifts, Electric Scooter Lifts, RV Lifts, and More

Advanced Driving Systems Inc. provides an array of accessible lift systems to meet your transportation needs. With platform lifts, RV wheelchair and scooter lifts, custom lifts for boats, airplanes, and farm equipment, and power chair lifts, your mobility device can easily be transported inside or outside of your vehicle, allowing you to enjoy life’s adventures seamlessly.

Platform Lifts are perfect for wheelchairs. ADS platform lifts are matched to each vehicle, ensuring the lift is easy an

Empowering Black Classical Musicians

In a 2016 report conducted by the League of American Orchestras, it was found fewer than 2% of musicians in American orchestras are black. This lack of representation has been prevalent in the classical music realm for a long time, however, black classical musicians are finally beginning to find a voice in their community.

One such example is Bartholomew Poyser, a community ambassador and artist-in-residence at Canada’s famed Symphony Nova Scotia, who held a concert with the Maritime Bhangra Gr

Why I Love Love Library, and Why You Should Too — American Marketing Association

The library is equipped with state of the art technology like 3D printers, multiple computer labs and lounge areas, and more than 1.6 million books, serials, and media titles. However, best of all are the cubbies on the 3rd to 5th floors.

The cubbies are large, private desk spaces with electrical outlets and an extra shelf. They are also home to many of my fondest SDSU memories. These include the time when I learned I failed FIN 240 and proceeded to take a 2-hour nap, and the days I would bu

Classics 4 Kids Celebrates 16-Year Partnership With Advocates For Classical Music

Classics 4 Kids (C4K) and Advocates For Classical Music (AFCM) began their relationship in 2005 when the Education Vice President, Aveline von Ehrenberg, was approached by C4K for docents. Ever since this interaction, the partnership has blossomed into years of rewarding work and strong, mutual support.

AFCM is led by President Ron Bierman, and they strive to encourage young musicians and “build future audiences for classical music in San Diego through support of music education and appreciatio

The Simple Brilliance of #OptOutside — American Marketing Association

Within the marketing industry, magic moments are what make brands great, and REI may have landed on another one.

Recreational Equipment, Inc.– popularly known as REI– is an American retail and outdoor recreation services corporation. They cater to outdoor enthusiasts and outdoorsy fashion lovers, but also sell sporting goods, camping gear, and other outdoor equipment. If you love Patagonia, but can’t afford their clothes (like me) or love Bass Pro Shops, but are too suburban to shop there, then

The Old Globe Provides Equal Access to Musical Theater through Free Radio Performances

Public health restrictions during the COVID-19 Pandemic have resulted in many performing arts organizations innovating solutions to continue fulfilling their missions. While many groups, including Classics 4 Kids, are providing virtual performances and educational opportunities via Zoom, The Old Globe Theatre took a different approach. They are hosting their production of “Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas! On the Radio” on December 20th at noon, and on December 24th at 6:00pm. The Old